Walk Away Campaign

My sarcastic commentary reaction blog; There is a guy, Brandon Straka, trying to start a movement to "Walk Away" from the Democrats. I mean, it's not like he's starting the movement. People have been leaving for quite some time now. He's clearly got a bunch of personal issues to work out with himself. I'm glad... Continue Reading →

What the Hell is a Millennial?

Part 1 of a long series about Millennials... It's simple right? A young adult, somewhere between 1977-1994, lazy, mostly liberal, uninformed, greedy, spoiled brats, immoral, spends too much money, wants too many things they can't afford and only eats avocado toast. Seriously people, you all think Let's put some things in perspective here. There is... Continue Reading →

Betsy Devos is Student Focused

Just kidding! Betsy Devos is NOT focused on Students. She has once again proven she is on the side of business' best interests. She has ended the relationship between the Education dept. and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). A special thanks to Donald Trump being a distraction as he dismantles the government. We now... Continue Reading →

DACA. Another Shot at Millennials.

I know that this is really fighting back against the Obama administration. But yet again who is affected. The Millennials. Our government on both sides has been swinging punches at Millennials. Our government is going to have to stop putting pointless burdens on my generation. Alright, lets talk about DACA. To be considered for DACA... Continue Reading →

Happy Labor Day!!!

Happy Labor day everyone! It's called the end of summer holiday. But this is a day of remembering how far we've come and what's left do for our workers. We've come a very long way. This became a holiday back in 1894 when the movement began in 1887. Trade and labor unions/workers banded together to... Continue Reading →

More War will Boost Trump Ratings

At this point I feel like it's only a matter of months before war is declared on North Korea. Donald Trump's approval ratings are very low. At the beginning of September 2017 it's floating around 35%. He needs help. What does every president need to boost ratings... fight a bad guy. Donald Trump will go... Continue Reading →

The Police State Continues

The saga that seemingly doesn't end. Another day another innocent person arrested and forcefully so. Utah Nurse Alex Wubbels was arrested for following hospital policy. She was arrested for not obtaining a blood sample of an unconscious victim from a car accident. This blood sample would be to determine alcohol or drug levels in a... Continue Reading →

Capitalism is NOT the Best

Do I have your attention? I've heard so many times that capitalism is the best. Pure capitalism has brought us to Gotham levels of corruption. How are we supposed to follow "law and order" when our leaders are above the law? I'm not being sarcastic either. This is the main reason why both Democrats and... Continue Reading →

Millennials are Screwed

Thanks for nearly everyone belittling an entire generation. Even Millennials have starting bashing our own generation. Really? First of all. The generations ahead of us decided that they wanted to teach us everything except personal finance and handling money. We could have started learning in jr. high, high school, or a mandatory introductory college course... Continue Reading →

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