Millennials are Screwed

Thanks for nearly everyone belittling an entire generation. Even Millennials have starting bashing our own generation. Really?

First of all. The generations ahead of us decided that they wanted to teach us everything except personal finance and handling money. We could have started learning in jr. high, high school, or a mandatory introductory college course but unfortunately none of these are the case. So, thank you for deciding that it would be better for our parents to decide to teach us budgeting and retirement. See how well that worked out?

Secondly, we’re told that we can’t actually get a good decent paying job unless we go to college. Unfortunately public funding for colleges has gone significantly down over the last 20 years. So, we’re stuck. We can’t start a low paying job expecting to move up the ladder without college experience. We don’t have the knowledge to start our own company. So we go to college. We’re stuck with an absurd amount of debt that we have to pay back over the next 30 years.

Another problem is that you old people are not retiring. You’re taking forever to leave your posts so that the Millennial generation can move up the corporate ladder. The older generations still have the majority so our votes are not as important. A special thanks to the Democratic party who decided we were not worth their time. But our time is coming.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe that we’re perfect. Each generation has their own flaws. Ours is entitlement. We were told we were special and got participation ribbons. I get it. We are the most educated generation yet we don’t have the skills required to get a job. We have our flaws but we very much fall in line with the “forgotten voters”. We are the left out generation.

What does the Millennial future look like?

Some of the things that will happen when the Millennial generation takes power. We will fully legalize marijuana. Along with that we will decriminalize drugs and stop giving cartels power all while turning it into profit for the government. Prison reform. We will stop having businesses make money off criminals. So people like Hillary Clinton can’t write bills and then make a profit from prisons. Green, we are the most green generation and we are the ones that will make the big push to go all green. Universal health care is also going to be added to that list. Even if it just basic universal health care. High speed railways. The automobile industry will not like this but should know it’s coming. I’m hopeful that our generation will bring a new era of not allowing corrupted politicians to stay in office. These are my thoughts on where my generation is going. I’d like to know some of your thoughts too.

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