Capitalism is NOT the Best

Do I have your attention? I’ve heard so many times that capitalism is the best. Pure capitalism has brought us to Gotham levels of corruption. How are we supposed to follow “law and order” when our leaders are above the law? I’m not being sarcastic either. This is the main reason why both Democrats and Republicans hate congress. We, the people, hate corporations buying politicians, buying laws, buying elections. We, the people are tired of this.

How deep does this corruption go? Who’s involved? Is it at all levels of government? Yes the corruption is deep. Yes, our congress, even our president, at all levels of government are involved. Both democrats and republicans are involved. The media conglomerates, oil companies, banks, and many more. The more money a company has the more likely a law will get passed or a legislator bought.

Hillary Clinton took more than 11 Million from Wall street from 2013 to 2015 before announcing she was running for president. How is that not shady? The Ex-Governor, Bob McDonnell of Virginia didn’t get charged for bribery. He should have!!! Those are only two examples of democrats. The Republicans are just as bad. The Koch brothers keep backing money behind republicans in order for them to win. Seriously, individuals under the guise of a “corporation” are buying politicians for votes. How is this even legal?

The point is Capitalism has brought very rich individuals. In fact the USA has the most billionaires in the world. China is second. The problem is that lobbyists, or as they should be called bribery brokers, are buying off politicians, votes, legislation and pretty much everything that goes on in Washington D.C. The majority of us Americans can vote but it means nothing.

The best form of government isn’t Capitalism, it isn’t Socialism, it is definitely not a dictatorship. The best form of government is a hybrid of Socialism and Capitalism. We can’t have too much government control. Yes, Socialism would work well in theory and in just the short term. But in the long run it will fail. Pure Capitalism has brought us to an oligarchic society. A few companies in nearly all industries have way too much power. We have to find a middle ground between the two. The best way to bring back balance is to take money out of politics and all the illegal bribery (it is legal right now). At the very least it should be visible. So we can choose which companies to support to choose our laws. Join Any group that is pushing to get money out of politics. If you know others please comment them.

“If you give a man too many options he’ll go crazy. If you give a man no options he’ll want freedom.” -John Marston

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