More War will Boost Trump Ratings

At this point I feel like it’s only a matter of months before war is declared on North Korea. Donald Trump’s approval ratings are very low. At the beginning of September 2017 it’s floating around 35%. He needs help.

What does every president need to boost ratings… fight a bad guy. Donald Trump will go to war with North Korea. The clock is ticking. A reporter earlier today asked Donald Trump directly “Are we going to war with North Korea?” His response was “We’ll see.”

I’m not saying this is going to be a good or bad thing. I’m just trying to predict what is actually going to happen. A quick note; this could be disastrous. This could be the United States taking preventative action before North Korea goes Nuclear.

We have tried keeping the peace with them for the last 3 presidents. They have only escalated their military force and have shown that they can fire missiles on US territories. I am however convinced whether it’s Mike Pence, Donald Trump or any other leader we are going to, at some time in the near future, go to war with North Korea.

What I wanted to share is that every president that declares war has had ratings go up. Donald Trump tested this earlier by bombing Afghanistan. His approval ratings went from 35% to 41% according to Gallup polls. President Obamas approval rating went up 6% when seal team 6 took out Osama Bin Laden.

After the devastating attack after 9/11 President Bush declared the War on Terror. The nation came together to hunt Osama Bin Laden. Bush’s approval rating went from 62% to 90%. Bill Clinton received his highest ratings at the time after impeachment and bombing Iraq. Maybe Congress should beat him to it so their approval ratings can be higher than Herpes.

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