What the Hell is a Millennial?

Part 1 of a long series about Millennials…

It’s simple right? A young adult, somewhere between 1977-1994, lazy, mostly liberal, uninformed, greedy, spoiled brats, immoral, spends too much money, wants too many things they can’t afford and only eats avocado toast. Seriously people, you all think

Let’s put some things in perspective here. There is not a designated year for my generation. Some declare it as 1977-1994 and others such as Howe and Strauss declare it as 1982- 2004. So it’s somewhere in that range.

Short quick facts of Millennials;

  1. Most populated generation in US history between roughly 80-90 Million (320m people in US) Roughly around 27%.
  2. 50% consider themselves Independents politically
  3. We are the most unemployed Generation in the US (nearly 40% as of 2014)
  4. Highest unaffiliated religious and not married rates (30% and 26% respectively)
  5. Highest stress levels of any generation considering (5.4 on 10 point scale)

On these facts alone it starts to get confusing that this generation is often the target of blame in politics. But there is some justification to this. My generation is not involved with politics. Our voice is not being heard and no one is defending our rights/voice.

We still didn’t turn out to vote in the general election (only around 50%). Despite seeing a generation so actively involved in primaries. I say this because Millennials voted in the primaries. In fact Millennials voted more for Bernie Sanders than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump combined.

This last election if anything has awoken the Millennial Generation politically. If you are not aware already there are a few sites that are pushing Millennials to run for office. If you know of any others please add them to the comments.




If you want to look at what the Millennials politics of the future looks like just look at the Bernie Sanders platform. Politicians in the next decade will be needing to follow at least some of the ideals if they want to win in upcoming elections.

Let me know some of your thoughts and comments. Thanks for reading.

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